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№ 08 • 2011


Dyatchenko L.Ya. – Doctor of Sociology, Rector of Belgorod State University,

Social Technologies in Modern Management of Education: Charecteristics of Methodological Fundamentals

Страницы / Pages: 4-15

Аннотация / Annotation:
A series of generalized methodological fundamentals, which can act as a basis in a research, development and expert analysis of social technologies of modern management, is represented on a basis of analysis and synthesis of 20-year experience of Russian developments in a field of social technologies. These fundamentals are a basis for processes of productive practice-oriented changes in a sphere of higher education, structures of which are a special platform for development and implementation of new social technologies of modern management. Such researches have been conducting since 90ies by Belgorod school of researchers, that built a research system for social technologies, their implementation, creation and development of social and technological culture.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
social technologies in education, rational self-actualization, a reflection, an axiologial aspect, social and technological culture.


Pesegova E.V. –

Media Education as a Factor of Social and Cultural Modernization of Russian Society

Страницы / Pages: 16-22

Аннотация / Annotation:
Factors of social and cultural modernization of Russian society and the media education as an important component of this process.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
social and cultural modernization, medioeducation, innovation in education, tertiary education.


Loskutova I.M. – PhD, Associate Professor of the Department for Political Studies and Sociology of Moscow Pedagogic State University,

The UGE (Uniform Graduation Examination) in the context of sociology

Страницы / Pages: 23-29

Аннотация / Annotation:
Аrticle runs about social aspects of the UGE (Uniform Graduation Examination) introduction based on conduction of twenty deep interviews. To describe a typical situation of conduction the UGE in Moscow and other regions of our country there were chosen the following semantic units: perception of information on the UGE introduction; preparation for the UGE; organization of the passing the UGE; assessment of test content; integral marking; entering higher schools and colleges.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
UGE introduction; preparation for the UGE; organization of the passing the UGE; assessment of test content; integral marking; entering higher schools and colleges.

Sharova E.N. – Assistant of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Murmansk State University for the Humanities
Filippova E.V. – Postgraduate Student of Murmansk State University for the Humanities

Elementary Vocational Education in Murmansk-city: a Sociological Analysis of Students’ Orientations

Страницы / Pages: 30-42

Аннотация / Annotation:
An analysis of a state of an institute of elementary vocational education in Murmansk-city within the context of studies of professional and educational orientations of the youth is conducted in the article. As an object of the research there are two groups of 9th and 11th grades’ graduates as a potential contingent for elementary vocational education and professional colleges. An insitutional crisis of elementary vocational education related to main contradictions of a regional labor market is implemented in special strategies for the youth such as mass inclusion into higher education, exchange of professional choice, delay in employment, etc.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
professional education, professional and educational orientations, a labor market, work professions, an institutional crisis.


Yaroslavtseva E.I. – PhD, Department for Complex Problem Studies of a Human Being, the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Interactivity of Digital Communication and Experimental Tendencies in Modern Education

Страницы / Pages: 43-53

Аннотация / Annotation:
Tendencies of expanding of a sphere of education and increasing of communicative and cognitive load on a human being, based on development of digital distance and multimedia technologies, are analyzed in the article. Necessity of elaboration of an experimental approach, which enables to estimate risks of training and ratio between its value and balance, is stated. Great attention is paid to a value component, which supports human health and increases human creative potential.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
interactivity, education, distance multimedia technologies, human health.

Kozhanovskaya T.V. – Post-graduate student of the Department for Economics and Management, Bryansk State Тechnical University, Bryansk

Social-psychological notions of the image of the ideal advertisement at the market of educational services

Страницы / Pages: 54-65

Аннотация / Annotation:
The article deals with the ideas of the image of the ideal advertisement at the consumer market of the innovational educational services. It is proved that the characteristics of the ideal advertisement project which are basic to the social notions formed in the consciousness of the target public coincide with the characteristics of the social notions formed in the consciousness of the administrative group of an educational institution; the ideal image of the advertisement projects is understood as the socially meaningful advanced traditional image.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
semantic differential, market researches, target audience, the image of ideal advertisement, educational services.


Ivanova V.A. – PhD in Sociology, Russian State Pedagogic University

An Analysis of Institutional Functions of Education in Foreign and Russian Sociology

Страницы / Pages: 66-77

Аннотация / Annotation:
The paper is devoted to methodological aspects of the study of institutional functions of education as one of the basic theoretical constructs of contemporary sociology of education. The author argues that the elaboration into the function problem also provides a direction for social-practical outputs of this branch of sociology.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
education as institution, function, criterions of defining, institutional functions.

Mustafaev I.A. – PhD, Head of the Department for Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Transformation of a Role of a State in Regulation of Integration Processes in a Field of Educational Services

Страницы / Pages: 78-84

Аннотация / Annotation:
Specifics of transformation of a role of a state in order to support financial development of integration processes in a field of educational services are analyzed in the article. A model of transformation of a role of a state in order to support development of integration processes in a field of higher education is considered.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
transformation, integration processes, educational services, crediting of education.


Arefiev A.L. – Deputy Director on Scientific Work of FGNU ‘Center for Sociological Researches’

Foreign Students within the System of Higher Education in China (Book One)

Страницы / Pages: 85-103

Аннотация / Annotation:
Statistical data concerning a number of foreign citizens studying in the Peoples’ Republic of China, are given and their sociological interpretation is made. Potential of China as an exporter and importer of educational services is charecterized. Similarity and difference between educational systems in China and Russia are analyzed; recommendations in development of new forms of higher education, including distance education, are reasoned. Achievements of the Peoples’ Republic of China in a field of educational services, represented by mass media, are described.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
students, bachelors, masters, educational services, export abilities, Chinese learning.