Социология образования

№ 05 • 2018


Gerashchenko I.G. – Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor

Gerashchenko N.V. – Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy)

Philosophy and sociology of education of postmodern

Страницы / Pages: 5-12

Аннотация / Annotation:
The philosophical and sociological concept of postmodern education is considered in the context of the opposition to the classical paradigm. The specifics of the non-classical paradigm in teaching are shown. Relative principles of postmodern philosophy and sociology are analyzed in the context of market conditions of educational practice. The author substantiates the idea of the relationship between the philosophy of postmodern education and the discourse of the information society.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
the philosophy of postmodern education, the sociology of postmodernity, the simulation of education, the relativization of education, the fragmentation of education.

Cherepanova N.V. – Candidate of Philosophical Sciences

Cherepanov V.D. – Candidate of Political Sciences


Cherepanov I.V.

Dialectics of Bertrand Russell’s scientific and philosophical views on the role of education in the society

Страницы / Pages: 13-20

Аннотация / Annotation:
The article analyzes the evolution of the scientific and philosophical views of Bertrand Russell on the role of education in society, and examines his understanding of the role of philosophy in the formation of personality.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
social sciences, scientific method, philosophy, logical-analytical method, cognition, education.



Smirnova T.S.
Novikov S.V. – candidate of economic Sciences

Social responsibility as an important competence of a technical university graduate

Страницы / Pages: 21-27

Аннотация / Annotation:
This paper presents the results of search (prospecting) sociological research by the method of spontaneous sampling or by the method of “random passerby”, analyzes the interest of students of technical universities in the development of competencies aimed at the formation of their social responsibility to society. 

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
graduate, competence, concept, social responsibility, technical University.

Gostev A.N. – doctor of sociological Sciences

Domestic traditions in the innovative activity of the educational organization: a retrospective aspect

Страницы / Pages: 28-45

Аннотация / Annotation:
The article analyzes the theoretical and empirical foundations of innovation in Russia; the readers’ attention is focused on the need to preserve, develop and follow Russian intellectual traditions in intellectual activity; it is proved that the domestic experience of education and innovation activity on the level of efficiency in some parts was higher than the western one; the practice of realizing the results of intellectual activity in the modern Russian economy is shown.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
university, innovation, research institute, policy, enterprise, technology, tradition, education, organization.

Zhukotskaya A.V. – doctor of Philosophy

Vasilyev I.A. – candidate of philosophical sciences

Ovchinnikov D.E. – PhD in Sociology

What labor union is necessary to teachers of schools? (sociological view of a problem)

Страницы / Pages: 46-58

Аннотация / Annotation:
In article the sociological analysis of interaction and the created relationship between pedagogical staff of schools and the trade-union organizations is given. Problem zones of this interaction are revealed. A number of the conclusions and offers directed to improvement of relationship of the trade-union organizations and rank-and-file members of labor union – teachers of schools is formulated.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
trade-union organization, interaction, teachers, sociological knowledge, conclusions, recommendations.


Voropaeva A.V. – PhD in Filosofical sciences

Social and cultural analysis of adaptation of schoolchildren in leisure time

Страницы / Pages: 59-64

Аннотация / Annotation:
The problem of leisure of Russian schoolchildren and pupils-immigrants, which is a social problem of society, is considered. It is noted that passivity of leisure generates passivity of children’s behavior. Additional education in extracurricular time is overcoming passivity, emotional poverty, practical limitations. Practical classes in leisure hours give the student satisfaction in individual needs, the acquisition of personal experience in the professions of interest to him, career guidance. The teacher of the sphere of leisure, promotes self-development of the personality, realization of its creative potential, moral education, reveals its abilities, focus on a specific profession. It is emphasized that additional school education aimed at career guidance should be free and continuous.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
leisure, additional education adaptation, career guidance, creativity, interest, activity, social and cultural development.

Kravtsov V.V. – candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Sokolova D.A. – candidate of Sociological Sciences

Tuktagulova M.N. – candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Zhohova V.V. – candidate of Economic Sciences

Building a network of relations in a multi-ethnic educational environment (on the example of educational institutions of Vladivostok)

Страницы / Pages: 65-81

Аннотация / Annotation:
The preliminary studies regarding to the analyses of the process of the migrant children’s communications and relations alignment in the foreign cultural educational environment are made. During this study the peculiarities of the communication network formation and the relations in the multiethnic educational environment concerning real regional migration situation are revealed; the analysis of social and psychological migrant children’s adjustment process in the foreign culture area is made; the range of problem situations is defined. 

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
educational area, multiethnic environment, migrant children, Primorskiy Krai, social factors, social and psychological adjustment.

Lapshov V.A. – Doctor of Sociology


Timokhina S.Yu.

Communication of modern students in the digital space: sociological analysis

Страницы / Pages: 82-89

Аннотация / Annotation:
This article is devoted to the sociological study of the communication of modern students in the digital space using the example of the global Internet. The author considers various communication theories, on the basis of which it is possible to develop a conceptual model of sociological research of communicative digital space. Taking as a basis the theory of the network community, communication in the digital space is considered by the author as an indirect process of information exchange through text and multimedia messages on websites designed to build and organize social relationships on the Internet. Modern student, entering into digital social interaction, falls into the electronic version of the representation of social space, where communication takes place through textual, graphic, audio and video information. The article also explores the main factors that determine the features of modern student communication in the digital space.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:


Smirnova N.N.

Smirnov A.Yu.

Formation of the value system of cadet teams of military flight University in the process of training

Страницы / Pages: 90-104

Аннотация / Annotation:
The article contains the results of the analysis of the structure of the value system of cadet aviation teams and the personal significance of its structural elements in the present period of time. The dynamics of the process of formation of the value system of the student’s personality at different periods of study at the University. On the basis of the comparative method, the content of the structure of values of cadet flight teams with the data of the study conducted on the basis of the same University 20 years ago is analyzed.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
the system of values, the structure of the value system of cadet flight team, personal life values, value system of Russian society.


Kravchenko S.A. – Dr. Sci. (Soc)


Kapitonenkova T.D.

Moroz A.S.

The newest sociological terminology in Z. Bauman’s and J. Urry’s works

Страницы / Pages: 105-112

Аннотация / Annotation:
The article introduces into the scientific sociological discourse new lexical concepts and terms contained in the recently published works of Z. Bauman and J. Yrry. The acquaintance of the readers with the lexical innovations makes it possible to understand better the growing social and cultural dynamics, the essence of the methodological tools aimed at reflecting these processes. By the characteristics of the new sociological vocabulary one can form the impression of tendencies in the development of modern scientific knowledge.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
sociological vocabulary, concepts, innovative terminology, discourse, theory, paradigm, knowledge integration.