Дистанционное и виртуальное обучение

№ 01 • 2010


Krol V.M. –
Sivergin M.Yu. –
Sotnokova E.D. –
Trifonov N.I. –

Perception and Mastering of Information in Conditions of Active Attention

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The results of experimental research of the process of knowledge mastering in conditions of activation of automatic attention of students are shown in the article. Using the methods of computer tachistoscopying quantitative dependence between a time of information representation and a degree of its detection in different cases of students’ attention activation is discussed. Results obtained in conditions of activation of attention represent a new event namely effect of context dependent new information mastering. Using of this effect can be useful for determination of optimal conditions of perception and mastering of educational material in development of slide-lectures and other educational video products.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
activation of automatic attention, computer tachistoscopying, text perception, context dependent information mastering, a time of presentation and a degree of detection of information.

Sapsalev A.V. – Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor;
Kasatkina E.G. – PhD in Technical Sciences,
Algazin E.I. – PhD in Technical Sciences, GOU VPO Novosibirsk State Technical University

Analytic Calculation of Nonlinear Electrical Circuit of Direct Current in MathCAD

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The method of analysis of nonlinear tasks of electrical techniques through methods of state variable is proposed. Cubic splines from the library of built-in functions of MathCAD are used for approximation of current voltage characteristics of nonlinear elements. This method enables to analyze linear and nonlinear electrical circuits for direct current.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
nonlinear electrical circuit, current voltage characteristics of nonlinear resistors, analytical calculation, MathCAD, approximation, cubic spline.

Fedorov A.V. – Doctor of Pedagogy

“The Mystery of the two oceans” – the novel and its screen adaptation: the possibility of structural analysis on media education classes

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Can we make an analysis of popular media texts (perhaps even the original and calculated on the “thoughtless” perception) in a kind of intellectual game in the classroom in the student audience? Can we thus develop students’ media competence? Our experience enables us to answer these questions affirmatively. The article analyzed the possibility of structural analysis on media education classes on example of “The Mystery of the two oceans” – the novel and its screen adaptation.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
Critical Analysis, Media Text, University. Media Education Lessons, students.

Ilicheva S.V. –

Assessment of Learning through E-Potfolio

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Targets and nature of electronic port-folio are shown in the article. Types and models of portfolio and methods of their estimation are represented. Criteria of assessment of portfolio’s material are given. Valuable characteristics of e-portfolio in assessment systems are set.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
е-portfolio, assessment criteria, competence and orientation approach in education.


Batashan M.V. –
Gudkov P.G. –
Shmarion M.Yu. – 1C-Company

Interaction of 1C-Company with Universities

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Now interaction between educational environment and employers is a necessary condition for increasing competitive ability of universities and country economy as a whole. Integration between educational and research process and a close links with production is discussed on various levels of state administration. Development of links university-production is a main task for creating national research institutions, experiment of implementation of applied baccalaureate, and other initiatives. This article covers one of the component of this issue namely experience of an employer for interaction with educational environment.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
IT-technologies, education, employer, educational environment, university, educational institution, conference ‘New Information Technologies in Education’, 1С, students’ events, employment.

Kovalev E.E. –
Kamenskikh N.A. –

Necessary of Study of Technologies of E-State by Municipal Administration and Population of Municipalities

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Analysis of strategy of development of municipalities of the Russian Federation in modern conditions is given in the article; basic ways of development of informatization of local governments are shown. Authors set necessity of obeying the rules specified on portals of municipalities and a level of their servicing of population. In order to implement of these rules effectively authors offer to teach employees of local government and population as a whole on the basis of mixed technologies of education.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
local authorities, strategy, e-government, informatization, portals, content, specialized course.


Ursov V.V. –

Public Opinion of Education in Moscow: Content-Analysis of Parents’ Opinions, High School Pupils and School Directors

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Аннотация / Annotation:
Data, which characterize public opinion in a field of education on issues of strategic development of the system of education in Moscow, including implementation of the National Project ‘Education in Moscow and City Target Program CO-4’; innovative activity in schools and educational districts; optimization of school discipline; improvement of educational activities; role of the Church in education; assessment of professional and human qualities of teachers; causes of turnover of employees; main tasks of school education in Moscow region; a school portrait and school image in future; who is an authority for high school pupils, are represented in the article. The results are given in the tables and diagrams and analyzed; conclusions are made. Scientific hypothesis of causes of detected tendencies and events are stated. Recommendations for improvement of education process in schools are proposed. The article is interesting for masses: scientists, teachers, parents, etc. Materials given in the article can help specialists in administrative decision-making for increasing of effectiveness of educational institutions and educational process.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
education, education in Moscow, education in capital, educational system, monitoring, monitoring of a system of education, opinions of educational society, educational management, sociological questionnaires, content-analysis, parents, high school pupils, directors of schools.

Kinichenko S.V. – Teacher of VMIRE in the name of A.S. Popov
Nikolaev S.V. – Deputy Director of the Head Center for Monitoring and Certification of the Branch System, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor
Nikolaeva T.S. – Postgraduate Student of GU ITMO, Saint-Petersburg

Attack, Which Has Not Been Happened but Possible

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Issues, which show a nature and contents of the problem of security of marine sites of oil and gas complex by using methods and means of information war, are considered in the article. Recommendations of their improvement are specified.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
marine sites of oil and gas complex, special forces, information war, terrorist attack, security and protection systems, intellectual network, means of radio and electronic fight.


Selemenev S.V. –

How in the electronic form to present the educational maintenance?

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The author considers a problem of interaction of a pupil with electronic information environment. Graphic design becomes a basic element of a new representation of a material. It allows to make material evident and to create individual information space.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
the visualization, the information, text, the abstract, designation, the computer, sign, sense, design, symbol, the maintenance, the form.

Pilenko D.N. –

Automation of Processes of Support of Independent Work of Students Using the Theory of Recommendation Systems

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Now a number of educational resources permanently increase, and it is followed by a problem of student’s choice: what, where, and how to learn. And this choice is more complex, when it concerns educational materials, which can meet students’ requirements. The solution is in developing the system, which on the basis of definite characteristics of a user, such as his/her competence, history of education, preferences proposes these or those educational materials, courses or other educational activities.

Ключевые слова / Keywords:
personification, recommendation systems, education